Welcome to Linda Leatherdale's new website, where Canada's consumer and taxpayer crusader, known as the Great Defender of Main Street, and a leading personal finance expert will offer commentaries and give advice during the biggest Economic Meltdown in the history of the world.

Links will also allow you to comment on Leatherdale's blog, plus get a calendar of upcoming speaking engagements and new books, as well as allow you to contact Linda directly with her email link.

Linda is an advocate for hard-working families and business entrepreneurs who strive to make Canada and the world a better place for all.  She was the only journalist in Canada - who along with a handful of brave, outspoken financial experts - predicted what she calls Economic Armageddon and she is now working on a new book, The Great Cleansing of Capitalism, where she will predict the outcome of the Global Depression and the dawning of a new Economic Paradise where the humble people rise up to take control of a financial/monetary system railroaded by greed and corruption in the Great Casino of Capitalism.  The people will no longer tolerate socialism for Wall Street and Bay Street, with the taxpayer bailing out the very people who perpetuated the biggest fraud on the people of the world.

In a new website listing, called Fighting for What Is Right, Linda will continue her crusades so popular when she was the feisty Financial Editor/Columnist in the pages of the Toronto Sun.  Her crusade against the High Cost of Credit, Hosing at the Pumps, High Taxes, etc. will continue, and she plans a new protest over unfair laws at Queen's Park for locked-in pensions.

This one is close to her heart since she too became a victim of growing layoffs, and got a boot out the corporate door on her birthday. Freedom 55 is now a reality, and she is thankful she followed her own advice and planned for it. Now she plans to use this new freedom to fight for you - her faithful fans.  Linda also wants to hear from you, and will answer questions on her blog.  Streaming videos of interviews with leading financial experts on all personal finance topics are also planned. So stay tuned.

This a Great New Beginning. 

Stay tuned.